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US Cavalry Sabre Model 1860


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Product number: 13121
Product information "US Cavalry Sabre Model 1860"
The sabre (or saber) is a European backsword with a distinct curvature and a rather large hand guard, covering the knuckles of the hand as well as the thumb and forefinger. The length of sabres varied, but they were always made to be worn in a scabbard hanging from the waist.

The origins of the sabre are somewhat unclear, and it may come from designs such as the falchion or the scimitar. Originally, the sabre was used as a cavalry weapon that gradually came to replace the various straight bladed cutting sword types on the battlefield. As time went on, sabres became insignia of rank in many armies, and dress use of sabres continues to this day in some armed services around the world.

This sword was made from Carbon steel.

Length 85 cm Blade 66 cm

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February 23, 2008 10:39

Good value for money. A nice training sabre. Nice for ladies because of its lighter weight.