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Mathusalem Damast Cocobolo
The champagne saber of superlatives for the very fine droplets or the special occasions in life. To forge the very impressing (33 cm long, 4 cm high and 4 mm thick) and fascinating damascus blade by hand, the damascus smiths of the Viper factory in the Northern Italian town of Maniago must summon all their experience and expertise. For the specific purpose the blade is not sharpen and made of 200 layers of carbon steel (not stainless), forged in the traditional way by hand on an open fire . The beautifully designed hand protection including the guard is also made of hand forged 200-layer Damascus steel and carries decorative ornaments that are machined into the steel. Apposite to the exclusive blade very fine grained and beautifully polished cocobolo wood is selected for the handle scales. Created from a solid block of wood the ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand and makes it absolutely safe and comfortable to lead the saber. Highly decorative are the grip screws made of polished steel, which connect the blade and the handle securely to each other and also the dark red grip cord with tassel . The Champagne Saber Mathusalem Damast is absolutely confident in form and function. The delivery of the Champagne Saber is in a decorative solid wooden box with certificate of authenticity. It is strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide. Details: Overall Length: approx. 47 cm Blade Length: approx. 33 cm Blade Thickness: approx. 4 mm Blade Material: Damascus steel Handle Material: Cocobolowood Weight: approx. 485 g


Item is normally available in about 3-4 weeks.

Mathusalem Olive
The mono-steel version of the Champagne saber (# 85868) with best 4034 blade steel and stainless steel guard, conforms in form and function to the Damascus version. The handle is made from a solid piece of fine-grained olive wood and is firmly and securely attached to the blade with polished screws. The decorative handle cord with tassel is in dark yellow color, apposite to the warm wood tone. The delivery takes place in a wooden box together with authenticity certificate and instruction manual. Details: Overall Length: approx. 47 cm Blade Length: approx. 33 cm Blade Thickness: approx. 3.3 mm Blade Material: 4034 steel Handle Material: Olivewood Weight: approx. 485 g


Item is normally available in about 3-4 weeks.

Fiorentina Zirikote 2-pieces Steak Knives
Smart steak knives in avant-garde design. The dynamic lines and the noble and dark shimmering handle-scales made of Ziricote wood let the satin finished blade made of 440A stainless steel optimally show to advantage. Again, match the satined scale screws with blade and scales material and convinces in form and function. Delivered as a set of two knives in a decorative gift box. Details: Overall Length: approx. 22.5 cm Blade Length: approx. 12 cm Blade Material: 440A steel Handle Material: Ebony Weight: approx. 90 g


Item is normally available in about 3-4 weeks.

Pointer Ebony
The wide-bladed, compact hunting knife Pointer goes back to the more tactically oriented David (# 85816), but has been thoroughly revised to optimize for hunting use. Thus, the blade thickness was reduced to 3.8 mm and the blade is hollow ground for no compromises in cutting properties. Also N690CO is blade steel, which is both more corrosion resistant as well as easier to resharpen as compared to D2. Comes with leather sheath. Satin finish blade. Details: Overall Length: approx. 22.7 cm Blade Length: approx. 10.5 cm Blade Thickness: approx. 3.8 mm Blade Material: N690CO Steel Handle Material: Ebony Weight: approx. 165 g


Item is normally available in about 3-4 weeks.

Start Cocobolo
A mature solid folder which cuts a fine figure in everyday life and in fielding or outdoor use. Despite to the 10.5 cm long spear point blade with 3.7 mm thickness the knife builds still quite flat and can be worn convenient and comfortable in the pocket. Again, the Viper's "Advanced Lockback" is used, an evolution of the classic back spring locking that does not need the lower spring. Instead, there are two permanent wire springs left and right under the cheeks, which create the necessary spring pressure. In this way double safety is achieved, because even when one spring breaks, the second spring ensures the locking function. The ergonomically contoured grip gives the Viper Start an excellent grip. Special Features: • Concealed lanyard hole • With clip (tip-up) • Satined N690CO blade • Handle-scales made of cocobolo Details: Overall Length: approx. 23.5 cm Blade Length: approx. 10.5 cm Blade Material: N690CO steel Handle Material: Cocobolo wood Weight: approx. 170 g


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