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WKC Solingen

New German Officers Sabre
The sabre has an overall length of 100 cm. The silver sheath is made of metal and fitted with a metal ring to attach the sheath to the belt. The guard of the handle bar is decorated with oak leaves. The grip is made of black plastic, the surface is finely beaded and wrapped with three silver-plated wires throughout. The lion's head, the temple and guard are made of brass. The narrow band above the guard features a dot decoration at the top and at the bottom. Between the bands, the words "Unity - Justice - Freedom -" should be read. The blade is forged from stainless steel, hardened and tempered. It is approx. 23 mm wide, 810 mm long and slightly curved. Both sides of the blade are finely etched (pattern-welded ) with ornaments and two crossed swords in the middle of the ornament. The eyes of the lion head lights in red color. From the open mouth of the lion arises the narrow temple with the oak ornaments. On the blade between the ornaments are free spaces for names engravings as an expression of the binominal idea or for a motto. These individual engravings are to achieve from the buyer of the sabre on his own initiative (for example, from a goldsmith or engraver of his trust). The pictured sabre is the Army version of the Officer's sabre. The design for this version of the Officer's Sabre - as shown - is closed and a final. The imaged sword knot is within the scope of supply.


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