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Never Unarmed

American Spontoon - Head Only
The spontoon is basically a scaled down polearm or winged spear that often served as a substitute for a rifle or musket in colonial America. Issued in substantial quantity by both sides of every conflict from the French and Indian war (1754-1763) to the War of 1812 it was carried as both a weapon and a badge of rank or authority by commissioned and noncommissioned officers alike. Our president Lynn C. Thompson became fascinated by the spontoon after reading Tim Willocks’ novel the Twelve Children of Paris (3 times!) so we decided to make our own model based on historical examples. The blade of our spontoon is 10 ½ “long and 4mm thick with 3 ½” wings on either side. Designed primarily for thrusting its also capable of delivering cuts and slashes while its sharpened wings provide substantial catching and trapping potential as well. Mounted on a stout ash wood pole with a decorative 3 ring socket its appropriate for any Colonial reenacting and makes a fearsome stand-alone weapon in its own right. Details: Weight 26.7 oz. (Head) Material 1055 Carbon Please note: This article is about the head only.


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