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Messer von Böker

Bereits im 17. Jahrhundert wurde von der Familie Böker Handwerkzeuge hergestellt. Heinrich Böker gründete zusammen mit Herman Heuser, einem sehr bekannten Schneidwaren-Fachmann, im Jahr 1869 Heinr. Böker & Co. Die Mitglieder der Familie Böker hatten weltweit Bedarf für Rasiermesser, Scheren und Taschenmesser von dem Unternehmen Heinr. Böker & Co.

Bereits 1900 nahm der US-Markt den größten Teil der Böker-Produktion ab. H. Boker & Co. in New York konzentrierte sich sehr stark auf die Schneidwaren aus Solingen. Die Taschenmesser überflügelten in ihrer Bedeutung bald die Scheren, Rasiermesser und Bestecke. Die Nachfrage wuchs rasant, so dass die Amerikaner ebenfalls begannen Taschenmesser zu produzieren. Später kamen Zangen hinzu. Seit dieser Zeit gab es zwei unterschiedliche Linien von Böker-Messern auf dem amerikanischen Markt: Das gleiche Markenzeichen, sogar manchmal die gleichen Artikel-Nummern, einmal Made in USA und einmal in Solingen. Nur das Gangzeichen sorgte für Klarheit; einmal Boker USA und einmal H. Boker Improved Cutlery Solingen.

Während des zweiten Weltkrieges wurde das Solinger Werk komplett zerstört. Schon bald nach dem Krieg kam neues Leben in die zerstörte Fabrik. Wer von den treuen Facharbeitern den Krieg überlebt hatte, kam zurück und half, Gebäude und Produktion wieder aufzubauen und langsam zu dem hohen Qualitätsstandard zurückzufinden. Die Kontakte zu den amerikanischen Vettern wurden wieder aufgebaut und in wenigen Jahren wurde Boker, New York wieder Hauptabnehmer.

Anfang der sechziger Jahre wurde Boker USA verkauft und nach mehrfachem Wechseln von dem bekannten Scherenhersteller Wiss & Sons übernommen. Anfang der siebziger Jahre verkaufte Wiss an Cooper Industries, einem multinationalen Konzern. Cooper baute durch seiner Marktkraft den Böker-Namen wieder zu seiner ursprünglichen Größe aus. Dank der sehr regen Geschäftstätigkeit mit Cooper war man in Solingen in der Lage, die Produktion zu rationalisieren und neue moderne Produkte zu entwickeln.

Heute stellt das Baumwerk ohne Übertreibung das breiteste Sortiment an hochwertigen Sport- und Sammlermessern her, mit einer unübertroffenen Vielfalt an Materialien für Klingen und Griffe. Erst vor kurzem wurde die Böker Messerpalette erweitert durch eine Kooperation mit Jim Wagner. Der amerikanische Kampfkunst- und Messerkampfexperte hat zusammen mit Böker, basierend auf dem von ihm entwickelten Reality-Based-System, eine Reihe von Messern entwickelt. Jim Wagner bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit Böker zahlreiche Lehrgänge an.

The beauty of duty - conscientious, reliable and always light-footedly tactical. The Boker TDK (Tactical Duty Knife) is a go-getter with a demanding nature and a clear commitment to dedication. Cutting as a true pleasure is less a promise than a perceptible reality. The efficiency of the Boker TDK is emphasised by its satin-finished, ball-bearing blade made of powder-metallurgical CPM MagnaCut (62-63 HRC), with its tactical tanto shape with two-part grind, attractive ricasso and high-strength tip is convincing all the way along the line, from precise to difficult cutting work. The blade steel stands for maximum stability and outstanding cutting properties and at the same time, provides edge retention, hardness, corrosion resistance and toughness - uncompromising performance guaranteed! The pocket knife is opened by the teardrop-shaped thumb hole, which is also equipped with non-slip jimpings on the thumb ramp for safe handling. The intuitive slider of the crossbar lock locks the blade securely and is beautifully embedded in the ergonomic handle made of glass fibre reinforced nylon (GFN), which combines high strength with low weight. The fingerprint-like texture of the handle scales, which harmonizes with the design language of the crossbar lock, pivot screw, lanyard hole and the reversible tip-up clip, provides an extra touch and feel. The Boker TDK is delivered in a high-quality felt case. Handmade in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen. Details: Overall length: 18,7 cm Blade length: 7,6 cm Weight: 77 g Blade thickness: 3,0 mm Blade material: MagnaCut Handle material: GFN Lock: Crossbar Lock


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Meisterklinge Damast Bread Knife
Cooking goes far beyond the preparation of food. Pure passion, spiced with a limitless variety of possibilities, creating unforgettable moments with family and friends. Cooking moves, cooking connects. A philosophy as the perfect vitamin supplier for inner balance. The premium chef's knife series Boker Meisterklinge Damast shares this passion all along the line: sovereign in appearance, first-class hand position with balanced balance, expressive without being obtrusive and always with the individual touch, the exclusive kitchen knives guarantee the plus in enjoyment. No more dull knives: The finest Solingen Knife Craftsmanship from master hands and high-quality materials in harmony for a fantastically sharp cutting experience - every day - again and again - and thanks to the free Boker resharpening service for a lifetime. The secret of the outstanding sharpness lies in the hybrid blade, which combines the best of two worlds. The blade core is made of high-strength and durable VG-10 steel, which makes the edge exceptionally sharp - and keeps it sharp for a long time, while the protective blade sheath made of multi-layered Damascus provides the necessary flexibility, break resistance as well as the cultivated par excellence look. Thus, the knife glides almost effortlessly through ripe tomatoes and meat, with which even the demanding cutting of gossamer slices to large pieces inspires enthusiasm. Consistent, pithy and mountainous by nature: the dark handle made of smoked oak wood comes from the local forests of the Bergisches Land and makes the long Boker tradition tangible with every cut. Gently curved lines nestle seamlessly into the hand and convey a secure grip, balance and the typical Boker dynamism at all times. The high-quality appearance is rounded off by the noble metal knob at the end of the handle with embedded Boker logo - a discreet statement of understatement. The chef's knives will be a faithful companion in the kitchen for many years. Reliable, timeless and carefree. To keep it that way, Boker gives a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. That means fewer worries and more freedom for culinary ideas. NO RISK, MORE FUN: Let us convince you of a masterful cutting experience and test the chef's knives of the Meisterklinge Damast series extensively at home with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free return shipping! Boker Meisterklinge Damast - a commitment where pleasure becomes a passion. Details: Overall length: 34,5 cm Blade length: 20,5 cm Weight: 181 g Blade material: Damast VG-10 Handle material: Räuchereiche


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Böker Plus Frelon
With Raphaël Durand, we managed to hire one of the most sought-after French knifemakers. The Boker Plus Frelon is proof of Raphaël's incredible intuitive sense of form and function with which he develops his designs. The Frelon combines classic shapes with a modern lightweight G10 handle construction.Orange G10 liners carry the 3D scales that create the perfect grip of the Frelon. The blade of the pocketknife is made of VG-10 and has a delicate vertical satinized finish. The thumb rest and backlock latch have a fine ridge pattern for easy and secure handling. A perfect knife for everyday use that might also interest collectors of extravagant designs. Without clip. Details: Overall length: 19,2 cm Blade length: 8,2 cm Weight: 109 g Blade thickness: 3,9 mm Blade material: VG-10 Handle material: G10 Lock: Backlock


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HL Boar Dagger
If the rifle shot is too risky for the dogs, the use of a solid boar catcher is essential. Reliable full tang construction with wide stainless steel guard. Double edged 440C stainless steel blade. Rugged nylon sheath with belt loop and push button latch. Details: Overall length: 36,8 cm Blade length: 22,9 cm Weight: 329 g Blade thickness: 3,7 mm Blade material: 440C Handle material: TPR Lock: Feststehend


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Magnum Advance Desert Pro 42
The Magnum Advance Desert Pro belongs in a professional, tactical, military or civilian setting. The fiber-reinforced plastic handle has non-slip rubber inlays for a more secure grip. The spear-point blade made from stainless 440C has a black coating. The linerlock secures the knife cleanly and dependably. The two-handed version with a nail nick is perfect for fans of classic knife builds. A wide black tip-down clip keeps the knife in position. A lanyard hole can also be used to secure this important piece of equipment. Comes with a sturdy nylon belt sheath. Details: Overall length: 21,5 cm Blade length: 9,5 cm Weight: 129 g Blade thickness: 2,8 mm Blade material: 440C


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Pocket Smatchet
Designed by Col. Rex Applegate, the Boker Smatchet was developed as an impressive, oversized combat knife, but can also be used perfectly as a multifunctional outdoor tool. Due to its impressive dimensions, however, the combat knife offers comparatively little carrying comfort. This is where the newly developed Boker Plus Pocket Smatchet by Chuck Gedraitis comes in, combining the design language of the famous classic with the advantages of a practical pocket knife construction. The American custom knifemaker has been designing and manufacturing high-quality, practical knives since he was 16 years old and has already won numerous awards with his innovative pocket knife designs.The robust Pocket Smatchet is equipped with a blade-shaped Spearpoint blade made of VG-10, which is provided with a resistant stonewash finish. The detachable thumb stud on the back of the blade allows for ambidextrous opening, while a sturdy linerlock reliably locks it in place. The decorative hollow groove continues the non-slip green canvas micarta handle scales, which are particularly secure in the hand thanks to the fine texturing. The sturdy clip (tip-up/r) is milled from the solid and also features the characteristic indentations of the classic Smatchet. With lanyard hole and high-quality nylon case for storage. Details: Overall length: 23,5 cm Blade length: 9,5 cm Weight: 207 g Blade thickness: 3,9 mm Blade material: VG-10 Handle material: Micarta Designer: Chuck Gedraitis Lock: Linerlock


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Redox Pen
The innovative Boker Plus Redox Pen is based on a thousand-year-old technique, which was already known in ancient Rome and was even used by Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer for their famous drawings. The modern pen does not require a refill and works completely without graphite abrasion or ink. Instead, the Redox Pen takes advantage of the rapid oxidation that occurs when the ethergraf tip comes into contact with paper.This means that the pen does not wear out, leaves no unwanted traces on hands or clothing and can be used without any problems even under the most adverse conditions. Once written down, it can neither be erased nor wiped away. The high-quality tip is made by the Italian writing instrument manufacturer, Napkin. The Redox Pen looks like a classic pencil and is made of high-strength titanium. With a practical clip. Details: Overall length: 13,1 cm Weight: 33 g


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Boker Damascus Black Santoku
The famous and very popular Damascus kitchen knives are now available with comfortable Japanese stabilized wood, to guarantee that only the best pieces of wood can be attached to these Damascus blades with 37 layers and very sturdy cutting heart made from V-Gold No. 10. Details:Weight: approx. 140 gOverall Length: approx. 25.2 cmBlade Length: approx. 17.2 cmBlade Thickness: approx. 0.3 cmBlade Material: Damascus steelHandle Material: Stabilized Japanese Wood Handle


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Tenshi Brass
With the Boker Plus Tenshi, Japanese knifemaker Kansei Matsuno has designed another extremely slender gentleman's knife in which he combines Far Eastern style elements with modern construction methods and materials. The compact dimensions of the slightly curved pocket knife are the perfect compromise between pocket suitability and versatility. The modified Tanto blade made of VG10 with an impressive hairline finish can be operated comfortably thanks to the thumb stud and ball bearing, while a proven linerlock takes over the locking function. The decorative handle scales are made of brass, so that a unique patina forms on them over time. Supplied with a removable deep-carry clip (tip-up/r) and a high-quality nylon case for storage. Details: Overall length: 15,5 cm Blade length: 6,8 cm Weight: 97 g Blade thickness: 1,9 mm Blade material: VG-10 Handle material: Messing Designer: Kansei Matsuno Lock: Linerlock


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Subcom 2.0 Orange
Today, the handy Boker Plus Subcom by Chad Los Banos can definitely be called one of the cornerstones of Boker Plus. The enormously high utility value in everyday life and the space-saving design have become legendary. The unbroken popularity of this versatile pocket knife has now prompted us to reissue this ultra-compact classic from our range in a modernised version. The Boker Plus Subcom 2.0 is supplied with a short blade made of D2 with a dark stonewash finish. It opens with the help of the thumb stud on both sides and is securely locked in place by the two-millimetre thick steel plate of the frame lock. A pronounced hand guard increases grip comfort and prevents slipping into the blade. The textured orange Zytel handle is supplied with three-dimensional grooves and, thanks to this surface structure, the ergonomic design and jimpings in the area of the thumb rest, always lies securely in the hand, even when wet. With lanyard hole and convertible clip (tip-up/tip-down). Details: Overall length: 11,8 cm Blade length: 5,8 cm Weight: 69 g Blade thickness: 2,0 mm Blade material: D2 Handle material: Zytel Designer: Chad Los Banos Lock: Framelock


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