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Messer von Böker

Bereits im 17. Jahrhundert wurde von der Familie Böker Handwerkzeuge hergestellt. Heinrich Böker gründete zusammen mit Herman Heuser, einem sehr bekannten Schneidwaren-Fachmann, im Jahr 1869 Heinr. Böker & Co. Die Mitglieder der Familie Böker hatten weltweit Bedarf für Rasiermesser, Scheren und Taschenmesser von dem Unternehmen Heinr. Böker & Co.

Bereits 1900 nahm der US-Markt den größten Teil der Böker-Produktion ab. H. Boker & Co. in New York konzentrierte sich sehr stark auf die Schneidwaren aus Solingen. Die Taschenmesser überflügelten in ihrer Bedeutung bald die Scheren, Rasiermesser und Bestecke. Die Nachfrage wuchs rasant, so dass die Amerikaner ebenfalls begannen Taschenmesser zu produzieren. Später kamen Zangen hinzu. Seit dieser Zeit gab es zwei unterschiedliche Linien von Böker-Messern auf dem amerikanischen Markt: Das gleiche Markenzeichen, sogar manchmal die gleichen Artikel-Nummern, einmal Made in USA und einmal in Solingen. Nur das Gangzeichen sorgte für Klarheit; einmal Boker USA und einmal H. Boker Improved Cutlery Solingen.

Während des zweiten Weltkrieges wurde das Solinger Werk komplett zerstört. Schon bald nach dem Krieg kam neues Leben in die zerstörte Fabrik. Wer von den treuen Facharbeitern den Krieg überlebt hatte, kam zurück und half, Gebäude und Produktion wieder aufzubauen und langsam zu dem hohen Qualitätsstandard zurückzufinden. Die Kontakte zu den amerikanischen Vettern wurden wieder aufgebaut und in wenigen Jahren wurde Boker, New York wieder Hauptabnehmer.

Anfang der sechziger Jahre wurde Boker USA verkauft und nach mehrfachem Wechseln von dem bekannten Scherenhersteller Wiss & Sons übernommen. Anfang der siebziger Jahre verkaufte Wiss an Cooper Industries, einem multinationalen Konzern. Cooper baute durch seiner Marktkraft den Böker-Namen wieder zu seiner ursprünglichen Größe aus. Dank der sehr regen Geschäftstätigkeit mit Cooper war man in Solingen in der Lage, die Produktion zu rationalisieren und neue moderne Produkte zu entwickeln.

Heute stellt das Baumwerk ohne Übertreibung das breiteste Sortiment an hochwertigen Sport- und Sammlermessern her, mit einer unübertroffenen Vielfalt an Materialien für Klingen und Griffe. Erst vor kurzem wurde die Böker Messerpalette erweitert durch eine Kooperation mit Jim Wagner. Der amerikanische Kampfkunst- und Messerkampfexperte hat zusammen mit Böker, basierend auf dem von ihm entwickelten Reality-Based-System, eine Reihe von Messern entwickelt. Jim Wagner bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit Böker zahlreiche Lehrgänge an.

Tool Pen
The Böker Tool Pen is a versatile pen that is not only used for writing, but also has practical tool functions. With a total length of 13.4 cm and a weight of 39 g, it sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to transport.The tool pen has a robust aluminum handle that not only gives it a modern and attractive appearance but also ensures longevity and reliability. The aluminum material is lightweight yet strong, allowing the pen to stand up to daily demands. Details: Total length: 13.4 cm Weight: 39g Handle material: aluminum


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Kaizen Red/Satin
This is an elegant gentleman's knife. Modesty as a sign of true greatness is perfectly embodied by the minimalist flipper, which visually almost merges with the slender knife and yet is highly functional thanks to the serrations. The ball-bearing blade made of powder metallurgy CPM-S-35VN with a satin finish is locked by a liner-lock. With a decorative blade axle screw and a straight-line lanyard hole at the end of the handle. The handle is made of non-slip red G10. Supplied with a clip (tip-up/r) and a nylon case. Details: Overall length: 18,0 cm Blade length: 7,7 cm Weight: 46 g Blade thickness: 1,9 mm Blade material: CPM-S-35VN Handle material: G10 Lock: Linerlock

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Urban Trapper Premium CF
The Boker Plus Urban Trapper designed by Brad Zinker convinces in this modern premium version with a ball bearing blade made of powder metallurgy M390 and a discreet front flipper. The high-performance steel from Böhler exhibits maximum wear resistance and effortlessly handles all everyday cutting tasks. The stonewash blade is locked in place by a sturdy framelock supplied with a stainless steel insert. Jimpings around the thumb rest further enhance safety at work. The Urban Trapper Premium, with its integral construction, with a sturdy handle body made of high-strength titanium, is milled from the solid and also forms the contoured bolsters of the gentleman's knife. The resulting lightness of foot is underlined by the likewise contoured handle scales made of wild carbon fibre. Supplied with a milled titanium clip (tip-up/r) and a high-quality nylon case for storage. Details: Overall length: 19,6 cm Blade length: 9,0 cm Weight: 100 g Blade thickness: 2,6 mm Blade material: M390 Handle material: Titan Designer: Brad Zinker Lock: Framelock


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Kwaiken American Tanto
The Boker Plus Kwaiken by Lucas Burnley is one of the most influential creations of the 21st century. With its clear and practical shape, the modern pocket-knife has become a true icon. The clean lines and slim design, which nevertheless accommodates the entire blade when closed, are absolutely unique. It is the further development of the well-known Burnley Kwaiken Classic, a bushcraft knife also in the neo-Japanese style. In the Kwaiken American Tanto, the knife designer from Oregon combines Japanese and American style elements. The flipper opens the ball-bearing Tanto blade made of D2 smooth as silk with the flipper and locks with the reliable linerlock. The Tanto blade is characterised by its straight spine and the bent, second cutting edge at the front, which runs straight up to the tip - ideal for precise cuts. The exclusive claim is emphasised by the lightweight G10 handle scales, which give the completely black knife a very special appearance in a harmonious way. The slim design and exclusive material make the Kwaiken a classy gentleman's folder with a tactical flair. It is supplied with a high-quality nylon pouch for storage and a removable deep-carry clip (tip-up/r). Details: Overall length: 21,2 cm Blade length: 9,0 cm Weight: 120 g Blade thickness: 3,1 mm Blade material: D2 Handle material: G10 Designer: Lucas Burnley Lock: Linerlock


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Snake Rangebuster Damascus
The Rangebuster is one of the classic Solingen knives that gained international popularity, being appreciated by working knife users all over the world. US farmers know it as Sodbuster, miners in Northern France call it Mineur, while workmen in Solingen named it Hippekniep. Honoring this traditional slipjoint knife, we designed the Snake Rangebuster Damascus with exclusive handle scales of snakewood and a blade of 37-layer Damascus steel. It opens with a nail nick and doesn't lock. Details: Overall length: 16,6 cm Blade length: 6,7 cm Weight: 56 g Blade thickness: 1,8 mm Blade material: Damast Handle material: Schlangenholz Lock: Slipjoint


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Pocket Knife 2.0
The Pocket rocks it - fixed robust; flexible compact, nothing less than the Boker with Plus. Custom knifemaker Mickey Yurco from Ohio combines the incompatible in the Pocket Knife 2.0. His flair for ergonomics and creative solutions comes to the fore in the fixed EDC knife. Thanks to the satin-finished 440C drop-point blade, the rough cutting tasks of everyday life quickly lose their fear. The short handle with crowned G10 scales has an exceptionally good and secure grip and offers the usual compactness and readiness of a pocket-knife for maximum comfort and ease of use when carried discreetly in a trouser pocket. The opulent hollow brass rivet attracts attention and allows for the attachment of lanyards. The Boker Plus Pocket Knife 2.0 - the exclamation mark for all either/or questions. Supplied with a Boker clip. Details: Overall length: 17,6 cm Blade length: 8,6 cm Weight: 106 g Blade thickness: 3,7 mm Blade material: 440C Handle material: G10 Designer: Mickey Yurco


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Some say icon, we say BRLW! Undaunted by over 100 years of history, the stylish Boker Barlow pocket knife carries the legacy of the popular model series into the future with modern zeitgeist. Only the best materials, the finest craftsmanship and 100% passion go into the BRLW. The visually contrasting and precision-milled titanium handle, which lovingly echoes the characteristic, extralong bolster at the front and the wood grain at the back of the handle, is a character-defining feature. A discreetly integrated frame lock locks the ball-bearing clip point blade made from powder metallurgical MagnaCut (62-63 HRC) with a self-confident ricasso. This blade steel is characterized in particular by its symbiosis of high edge retention, hardness, corrosion resistance and toughness. The discreet flipper, which disappears completely when open, and the flat, milled titanium clip (tip-up/r) contribute to the elegant appearance, while the Boker tree decoratively adorns the blade's pivot screw on the front. The lanyard hole on the handle provides additional carrying options. The Boker BRLW is supplied in a high-quality felt case. Handmade in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen. Details: Overall length: 15,4 cm Blade length: 6,5 cm Weight: 62 g Blade thickness: 2,5 mm Blade material: MagnaCut Handle material: Titan Lock: Framelock


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Trapper Castle Burg
Castle Burg is a landmark of the Bergisches Land, rising above the river Wupper near the Boker Manufactory. Count Adolf II. von Berg had the castle constructed on the foundations of a 10th-century fortress. It was finished in 1133. Today, it is one of the biggest castles in western Germany, inseparably connected to the Duchy of Berg and the Counts von Berg (1068-1225). Even today, Burg Castle still reflects the enormous wealth of the dynasty and their far-reaching influence in Northrhine-Westphalia. Count Engelbert II. von Berg was also the Archbishop of Cologne. We keep in touch with the historians of Burg Castle because the corporate history of Boker can be traced back to 1674, when the tree was first entered as the company's trade symbol for tools, and because our history is closely connected to that of the Bergisches Land. Right now, large parts of the castle are being faithfully restored. This includes the replacement of ancient solid oak planks. This inspired us to preserve the historic material for future generations, skillfully turning it into handle scales in our Manufactory. This was the foundation of our knife series Boker Schloss Burg, comprising seven traditional knife styles steeped in history. Apart from the scales of historic oak wood sourced from Burg Castle (Schloss Burg), the knives also feature brass liners and blades made from O1 carbon steel. Highlighting the authenticity of the knives, the blades are finished with a special acid wash, which also protects them from harmful environmental impact. All styles are handcrafted by Boker Manufactory Solingen as a strictly limited edition of 1133 pieces worldwide. They come with a new version of the historic Boker tree symbol. The classic Boker Trapper derives its name from the American outdoorsmen who roamed the North American prairie as hunters and trappers. They were among the most important discoverers and scouts for the European settlers, often being the first to make contact with indigenous peoples. Its slender build makes this traditional knife a perfect everyday companion. Details: Overall length: 21,3 cm Blade length: 9,0 cm Weight: 220 g Blade thickness: 2,5 mm Blade material: O1 Handle material: Eichenholz Lock: Slipjoint


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Strop Top Finish
The Boker Strop Top Finish with specially treated cowhide on both sides for an especially long life. It gives any blade the perfect finish after the knife has been sharpened on a stone like the Belgian "Brocken". Both surfaces are perfect for working with the grinding pastes from the Boker range. Incl. Boker stamp. Total Length: 36 cm Color: Brown


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Magnetic Leather Pouch Black Small
Thanks to the practical Boker magnetic slipcase made of noble black nubuck leather you can also carry pocket knives without a clip on the waistband or pocket hem. The high-quality case is provided with decorative seams and an embossed Boker tree sign on the flap. For knives with a maximum handle length of 9.5 cm. Details: Overall length: 11,7 cm


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