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Escrima Stick


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Product number: 15032
Product information "Escrima Stick"
Eskrima or Escrima refers in a general way to Filipino martial arts. Other terms in common international usage are Kali and Arnis de Mano; occasionally the abbreviation FMA is used.

Many different systems of Eskrima exist. In most systems, skills with weapons and with empty hands are developed at the same time, using training methods designed to emphasize the common elements. Practitioners of these arts are noted for their ability to fight with weapons or empty hands interchangeably. Most Eskrima systems include fighting with a variety of weapons, striking with hands and feet (kickboxing), grappling, throwing, biting, and all the other skills that would be needed for a warrior's complete training in the old days of tribal warfare. Perhaps the only major exceptions are that the skills needed for fighting effectively in groups are being lost, and traditionally, Eskrima would have been taught alongside Hilot, a Filipino system of healing and medicine that has now virtually disappeared.

An Eskrimador or Kalista is a practitioner of Eskrima.

Length 64 cm

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April 15, 2012 13:58

Im Gewicht leider sehr unterschiedlich, die beiden gekauften unterschieden sich um 31g (192g und 160g). Sie sind also etwas leichter, und im Gegensatz zu "original" Escrimastöcken nicht auf einander abgestimmt. Schade. Die Länge stimmt überein, die Stöcke sind gerade, wenn man nur einen will also durchaus in Ordnung.