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Norman Helmet


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Product number: 17068
Product information "Norman Helmet"
The Normans (lit. "Northmen") were Scandinavian invaders (especially Jutish Vikings) who began to occupy the northern area of France now known as Normandy in the latter half of the 9th century. Under the leadership of Hrolf Ganger, who adopted the French name Rollo, they swore allegiance to the king of France (Charles the Simple) and received the small and lower Seine area from him in 911 which they later expanded to become the Duchy of Normandy.

The Norman people adopted Christianity and the French language and created a new cultural identity separate from that of their Scandinavian forebears and French neighbours. Norman culture, like that of many other migrant communities, was particularly enterprising and adaptable. For a time, it led them to occupy widely dispersed territories throughout Europe.

In Eastern Europe this development, and rapid expansion of Vikings and their descendants, was paralleled by the Varangians (Rus' (people)) in Kievan Rus'. However, in spite of historical evidence, some Slavic scholars have been opposed to this Normanist theory, since the 18th century.

This helmet comes with a leather lining and is wearable. All measures are subject to estimation.

Head size: up to 58 cm
Weight: 2 kg

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July 15, 2008 16:00

Mein Helm ist ein wahres Prachtstück!Auch wenn er ganz anders als auf dem Foto aussieht!Eher wie der Gjermundbu Helm.Egal, ich bin total zufrieden damit!Der Helm ist gut gearbeitet,verdient aber nicht ganz 5 Sterne aufgrund scharfkantiger Grade.Gut zu tragen und kampftauglich!Mein Lob an das Team!