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Highlander - Duncan MacLeod Sword Set


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Product number: 11034
Product information "Highlander - Duncan MacLeod Sword Set"
Duncan MacLeod is a fictional character from the Highlander multiverse.

The sword of Duncan Mac Leod is a katana, featuring a dragon's head, which was given by Samurai warrior Hideo Koto in 1778 during his travels to Japan. Duncan should have inherited the Claymore of his (adoptive) father, Chieftain of the Clan MacLeod, but because he was exiled the sword was instead kept within the clan. (In one episode he finds his father's claymore hanging as an antique in a Scottish tavern, and uses it to kill the immortal who killed his father some time after he was exiled). In fact, Duncan usually tries to avoid killing mortals even when he is forced to fight them, and goes out of his way to use non-lethal methods.

The Daisho are the traditional arms of the samurais, composed of katana and wakizashi.

Samurai is a common term for a warrior in pre-industrial Japan. A more appropriate term is bushi (lit. "war-man") which came into use during the Edo period. However, the term samurai now usually refers to warrior nobility, not, for example, ashigaru or foot soldiers. The samurai with no attachment to a clan or daimyo was called a ronin.

Total lengths : 103/83/54 Blade lengths : 66/47/27

The wooden stand somes with the Daisho.

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June 20, 2012 21:35

ein super4 schönes schwert Set das nicht nur unheimlich gut aussieht sonder auch sehr schön gearbeitet ist es fückt sich auch sehr gut in eine normalen wohnug als deko sehr gut ein und ist auf jedenfall ein schöner bligfang

October 29, 2009 21:22

Sind heute angekommen! Sehr gute verarbeitung Sehen auf dem Ständer gut aus und liegen dank einer guten Gewichtsverteilung auch gut in der Hand!