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Product number: 17027
Product information "Helmet"
In the High Middle Ages smith were able to produce better works. In the 10th century AD the first conical helmets with nasal were crafted from one single plate of iron. In addition is was customary to forge a nasal widening at its end. Sometimes this type of nasal helmet is wrongly referred to as Norman helmet. In the 12th century cylindrical formed helmets started to arise. At first those helmets also featured a nasal, which was however quickly replaced by fixed visors with eye slits and air slots. This type of helmet was the base of the great helm which itself was adjusted to the human head form in the course of time and therefore was no longer cylindrical. About the same time helm types like the simple iron hat and the bascinet evolved. The great helm nevertheless was the most effective headgear of the European knight until the 14th century.

This helmet can be worn and comes with a leather lining. All measures are subject to estimation.

Head size: up to 58 cm
Weight: 2 kg

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