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Chastity Belt for Women


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Product information "Chastity Belt for Women"
A chastity belt is an item of clothing to prevent sexual intercourse of women. The most notable construction consists of a steel belt around the waist in connection with a steel strap running between the legs and a lock. Construction for men are also possible ( see article 7035).

From the 19th century similar constructions are known which were made for children and juveniles to prevent masturbation .

Around 1400 the chastity belt was mentioned in Padua. It looks doubtful whether it was used to ensure abstinence of wives during the absence of their husbands, it is more likely that is was used as a sex toy.

Anecdotic the chastity belt is associated with the crusades, this however would have been impossible due to the high inflammation risk. There is also no evidence for the fact that chastity belts have already been known in the Middle Ages. People assume that this is a myth which has been created and spread in the baroque period.

The allegedly medieval exhibits occasionally shown in museums turned out to be products of the 19th century which were worn by maids as a protection against rapists.

Today the chastity belt is mainly dominant in sexual role plays.

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