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Bamboo Katana


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Product number: 11003
Product information "Bamboo Katana"
In 1876, the Samurai were banned from carrying their swords. This attempt to end a thousand year tradition was not received well by the proud warrior class and the "stick katana" was born. Innocuous walking canes now concealed the revered blades, but the katana lived on. The Bamboo Stick Katana combines an artfully curved bamboo scabbard and handle with a blade (nagasa) that is constructed of hand-forged 1065 high-carbon steel and is differentially tempered using a traditional claying method. The edge hardness and resilient blade body produced by this technique embody the true secret of the Samurai sword.

Key features:
Hand forged and tempered blade
Hand carved
Genuine temper line

Total length: 39 1/4"
Blade length: 27 1/4"
Blade width at guard: 1.12"
Blade width at tip: .75"
Blade thickness at guard: .26"
Blade thickness at tip: .17"
Sori: 3/4"
Point of Balance: 5 1/2"
Handle length: 11 1/2"
Weight: 1 lb. 13 oz.

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November 3, 2013 17:56

I am the proud new owner of this Bamboo katana by Hanwei/Paul Chen. It has been over a month now, but still everytime I draw this sword I'm amazed by the beauty of it! It doesn't really make a difference: sheathed (in the scabbard) of drawn out by the ingenious click-system: it looks great. A very good looking and sharp shirasaya. Although it is lighter than my katana it feels very good. The balance of the bamboo katana is formidable. It could be used for cutting excersis, but I am very reluctant to do so. Not the most cheapest shirasaya katana, but one of great beauty, functionality and a great sword for display. Overall: well worth the money! And a big thanx to the team of swords and more. I was a bit concerned to order (quite expensive) products online and allong that outside of my own country, but it all turned out very well! You've got yourselfs a satisfied and happy new customer!

October 22, 2012 22:50

Einfach aber sehr sehr gut ^^ Sehr schön gearbeitet und durch die schlichtheit wirkt es wiederum irgendwie edel kann dieses Schwet nur empfehlen

January 13, 2009 15:24

Dieses Schwert ist schön und einfach, gut verarbeitet und schlicht. Ich habe mit diesem Schwert genau bekommen was ich wollte und noch ein bisschen mehr denn es wurde von Hanwei mit einem Schwertpflegeset graniert mit dem ich nicht gerechnet hätte da es im Lieferumfang nicht angeführt wurde. Die schärfe ist einwandfrei und die mitgelieferte Schwerthülle ist sehr schön. Dennoch muss ich einen subjektiven Makel veststellen an dem aber niemand Schuld hat, das Bambus ist mir eine Spur zu gelb. Klingt komisch ist aber so. Troz des missfallens der "Bambus Farbe" 5 von 5 Punkten für dieses Schwert.