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Knight´s Armour (decorated)


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Product number: 17040
Product information "Knight´s Armour (decorated)"
Armour, also spelled armor (especially in American English), is protective plates or clothing meant to shield a human from intentionally inflicted harm. Armour has been in use for all recorded history, beginning with hides, leather, bone, progressing to bronze, steel, ballistic cloth, ceramics, and depleted uranium. Armour has been primarily a way to protect oneself from harm in combat and military engagements.

Armour was also commonly used to protect war animals, such as war horses and war elephants, from intentionally inflicted harm.

Plate armour refers to a protective armour made of several metal plates. Plate armour protecting the whole body arose at the end of the 14th century in Western Europe and were used until the 17th century.

This knight´s armour has a natural body size and is made of steel. Armour and pedestal are about 190 cm high.

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