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wooden Tanto


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Product number: 15023
Product information "wooden Tanto"
A Tanto is a Japanese blade or small sword. It is a smaller version of the Katana, with a blade length of about 15 - 30 cm (6" - 12"). [NOTE: Some disagree with the common saying that the tanto, wakizashi, and katana are "the same sword in different lengths."] The Tanto was designed more to be a stabbing instrument, but can be used to slash as well.

Tanto were often interchangeable with Wakizashi, and were preferred on the battlefield due to the fact that they were smaller and got in the way of battle much less. Their use was similar, and they were a samurai's sidearm.

Tanto are forged generally in hira-zukuri, meaning that they have no ridge-line, unlike the shinogi-zukuri shape of a katana. They were generally very thin and therefore would cut soft targets very, very well.

This tanto is made from solid wood and can be used for training purposes.

Length 29 cm

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